Curse, Feng Shui, Karma and God

What is curse ? 

I believe you will have your own version of the meaning of curse.  Some people think it is from the matter over mind.  It is a deep subject, I would like to make the research before I say anything about curses.

 Can Feng Shui fix curse ? 

Yes, feng shui can fix curse.

From the Feng Shui stand point that I have been brought up in, we have a different answer to the meaning of curse.  My father told me that when something kept having a repeated occurrence in negative things happening to a family, we need to see the Feng Shui of the graveyard of the family’s ancestors.  You may or may not have heard this.   

 Can we fix karma ? 

Have you ever wondered things kept happening to certain families ? 

The ancient people discovered that when the whole family has something similar happening to them in negative way, you also need to take a look at the family’s ancestors.  Has anything to do with their Karma ?  Karma could pass down to the descendants.  Over the years in checking my clients’ Feng Shui and birth charts, I have gained insight and discovered that Karma does exist.

Karma is harder to fix, because the third person cannot intervene and fix it.  It would need to be fixed by the person.  Other people cannot help. 

 How to fix karma ? 

The person would need to do a lot of good deeds.  This is a time they need to get help from God in getting guidance to show the way.  Only the higher power can help these people.  The person would need to be willing to make the commitment to change.

 How do you know you have Karma’s problem ? 

A person carry karma issue is revealed in the person’s birth chart.  The person would also know this, because he or she keeps missing the chance of success.  The person wants something and can never get there.  Things keep getting in the way.  It does not matter what he or she does, nothing would change.  The only thing that would help change the karma problems is to start helping others and do plenty of good deeds.  He or she will find that their luck would start to change but it would take years. 

Some people who have feng shui issues would also have things that blocking their path.  It is not easy for laymen to know if they have feng shui issues or karma issues.  If the people are suffering from feng shui issues, this can be fixed by realigning the energy of their homes. 

When you have feng shui issue, God cannot help you unless you make the changes in your home yourself.  If you do have feng shui issue, it can be fixed by a feng shui practitioner. 

Before you spend a lot of money in finding out if it is karma or feng shui problems, you need to make the adjustment of the energy in your own home to see if the block of energy gets cleared.

If you need to know more about Feng Shui, please sign up and I give free Feng Shui tips how to be in the right place at the right time  My eBook helps enhance the energy of your home every year.  It is available for purchase at my web site The eBook contains 38 years of Feng Shui Tips.  Every year the energy moves, it is just like the moon which does not stay in the same place.  This is why you need to make adjustments every year with the change of the energy.  One year the energy that is good in one location may become bad in the following year.  The eBook shows you the steps to rearrange the placements of the Feng Shui objects in the right places.  This will help negate the negative energy.Kwai Lan   


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