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2008 Feng Shui Chi – Lottery win

February 10, 2008

2008 means easy money in Chinese.  There is money in slmost every section of your house.  If you follow my instructions in my eBook, you would be able to cleanse the chi in the house and attract the unexpected money.


How much you are going to win will depend on the following :

1) It will depend where you are at in your destiny.

2) The location of the shop where you buy your lottery ticket.

3) The door direction of the shop where you buy your lottery ticket.

4) The location of your house.

5) The door direction of your house.

6) The timing of the chi when you buy the lottery ticket.


If you do not cleanse the energy of your house and try it, how do you know you are one of many who has that chance of winning ?   My eBook can be purchased from this web site


When you use my instruction, please do not add other people’s instruction to mess up the chi.  One of my tenants place a wind chime on the door that I have feng shuied the house.  While my other tenants get money results this particular tenant did not.  It shows you how the chi works.  My instructions are good enough, you do not need to add more.


I do not normally want people rely on the lottery win.  This year is different.  There are 5 rats hidden in the rat year.  If you miss this year chi, you will miss it completely.  I wrote my eBook so all of you can enjoy this year good luck.  Here is the feed back from one of the readers of my blog and the reader bought my eBook.  Please read below the letter I have received from the reader who used my eBook and won a lottery ticket. 


Thank you June for the feed back.  I hope we can change someone’s life. 

  KwaiLan (free Feng Shui secrets CD) (free feng shui tips) (eBook with 38 years of tips)

Feed back from a reader from the blog about my eBook.


On 2/7/08 I just complete I thought another Feng Shui handbook. However this book was different from all the other books I have read on the subject. I probably read about 50 books. Not one book mention the concept of chi the way Kwai Lan’s book does.

I understand the basis of wind and water, and that there is a invisible power that moves the energy fields around us. That’s what I would call it. Her book “Cracking The Feng Shui Code 101” puts this thought into layman terms and does not beat around the bush. Upon completing this book, I made the adjustments per her instructions for the new year. They were just minor adjustments. No sooner did I do it, I felt the energy change, physically change in my home. It felt like a weight was lifted.

That evening I played the Mega Millions, and purchased some scratch off tickets as well. I won on all 3 tickets. It was not alot of money, but I never won on all three tickets at the same time. I have been down on my luck a bit lately and I thought this could not hurt. I am keeping my eyes and ears open to new opportunities and coming events of happiness and prosperity and abundance to my family and myself and to help others less fortunate. I always remember what you give out to the universe you get back ten fold. Also, I do pray for mother Earth everday. She the only one we have and man does not respect her they way they should.

Good Chi!


Thanks Again!


June T



2008 Feng Shui : Happy Thought and Happy Life

February 8, 2008

Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!!! The ancient Chinese people had set a ritual to get us celebrate Chinese New Year for 20 days.  Within these 20 days, we must follow the positive things.  Here is what we must do and must not do: 

  • We compromise with people. 
  • We cannot break things.
  • We say positive words about others.
  • We think positively.
  • We keep the place tidy and clean.
  • We drive carefully on the road.
  • We share things with people.
  • We inspire others.
  • We do not lend money to people.

 There are more, you can add for your own purpose to get your habit in shape.  I just want to let you know that it is vital to get your house feng shuied.  My eBook is inexpensive and is functional more than other books in the market today.  I show you the potent tips for the current year.   

There was a reader from this blog who won a lottery ticket after reading my book and made adjustments in her living place.  She also wants to donate some money from her winning to my temple I go to.  This is a winning spirit.  Good on her.  You gain and you give.  It is the principle of yin and yang.  This makes the chi prosper and richer to go round and round and comes back to you 100 folds over. 

2008 is a special year for winning a lottery ticket.  The energy is active, you need to make the energy to stay in your house to attract the prosperity. 

Please do not mess around with the feng shui of your house without knowing what to do.  Do you know the books are so general that could make the energy worse. If you do it wrong this year, you would have to wait for 60 years.  Another 60 years will not be having the same kind of energy that has the vibration of 2008, meaning easy to attract money.  The number 2 means easy in Chinese.  The number 8 means prosperity and infinity.  Who does not want easy money to set you free indefinitely ? 

My eBook can be purchased from this web site   

Kwai Lan Chan

www.KwaiLanChan.chan (Free weekly feng shui tips) (38 years of feng shui tips) (free feng shui secrets CD)